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Kolbus Ratiobinder 2000 KM 472.A

Manufacturer Kolbus Type KM 472.A
Year 2003 Ref-Nr. 16011
Serial-No. 517 Available Immediatley - In production

Perfect Binding Line Kolbus Ratiobinder 2000 KM 472.A

Year 2003 - Serial-No. 517

Gathering machine Kolbus ZU 840

12 Stations book block feeders with short handfeeding station
Signature recognition system and automatic section thickness control ATC
Connection unit as transfer channel to the binder - integrated jogging station
Reject unit AS 840 to the right
Card-tipper type KI 224 ZU

Ratiobinder 2000 KM 472.A - 21 Clamps
Main milling
Hotmelt spine glue and hotmelt sidee glue
Premelter Kolbus LH 370
Nordson XNO 920 PUR spine gluing system
Pile cover feeder
Laydown delivery

Conveyors belt with Dropgate Ambaflex cooling tower(details on request)

Splitting saw Kolbus Metris - Year 2003 - Serial-No. 817V0010

Three Knife Trimmer Kolbus HD 151.P
Year 2003 - Serial-No. 622
Book infeed from the right
Automated servo motor with Co-Pilot make-ready

Stacker OMG BLUESTAR - Year 2003 - Serial-No. 631

Shrink-wrap machine CMC FA-600 BT - Year 2003 - Serial-No. 2832

Technical details:
Size max. 390 x 310 x 60mm
Size max. 460 x 190 x 60mm
Size min. 125 x 100 x 3mm
Spped max. 8.000 cycles/h.

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