Graphic Machinery

MBO ASP 66 - 2 ME

Stream Delivery with integrated Pressing
Referenz 22016-1
Manufacturer MBO
Year 1999
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Schuppenauslage mit integrierter Presse / Stream delivery with integrated pressing MBO ASP 66 - 2 ME (22016-1)
Baujahr / Year 1999 - Serial-No. 990718643
Arbeitsbreite / Working width max. 660mm
Geschwindigkeit / Speed min. 30m/min. - max. 160m/min.
Stream delivery with integrated pressing rollers

Beschreibung / Description:
Fahrbar / Mobile
Built-in controller
Spreizen von Mehrfachnutzenströmen / Spreading
Marking by 2 cm shifting
Light barrier and counter
Equipment for two-up production
Integrierte Presse / Integrated pressing station
Kontinuierlicher Schuppenstrom / Continuous stream delivery

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