Folding Machine Stahl KC 56/4-KTL

Type:KC 56/4-KTL
Location:On Stock Emskirchen / Nürnberg
+49 178 36 48 464
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Falzmaschine - Folding Machine Stahl KC 56-6KTL

The Stahlfolder folding machine will reduce your throughput times,
enabling you to respond flexibly to order peaks.
the flat pile feeder is designed for frequently changing fold jobs with small to medium run lengths.
It ensures a perfect sheet separation and is easy to operate.

Falzmaschine - Folding Machine Stahl KC56/4-KTL

Baujahr / Year 1984 - Serial-No. 26807/84
Flachstapelanleger / Flat Pile Feeder
Falztyp: 4 Taschen - Schwert - Seitentasche - Schwert
Folding Type: 4 buckles - 1 knife - 1 side buckle - 1 knife
Format / Size: min. 140 x 180mm - max. 560 x 9000mm
Papiergrammatur / Paper weight: 40 – 250(g/m²)
Stapelhöhe Anleger / Pile height: max. 80cm
Auslage Schuppenauslage / Delivery Stream Delivery
Kompressor / Compressor include - Manuals Included

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