Kolbus BF 40T

Casing In Line
Referenz 23081
Manufacturer Kolbus
Year 1980
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Buchstraße-Hardcover - Casing In Line Kolbus BF 40T

Year 1977 - Serial-No. 558
Format / Size min. 100x125mm - max. 270x365mm
Buchblock Dicke / Book block thickness 6 - 70mm
Leistung / Mechanical speed max. up to 40 Takte/min.

Buchstraße Ausstattung / Casing in Line consists of:
Fliessdreischneider / Three knife Trimmer Wohlenberg Modell 44
Rundungsstation / Rounding Station
Hinterklebestation für Gaze Kapitalbandstation / head-tailbanding and backlining station
Deckenanleger / Case Bending Station
Falzeinbrennstation / Pressing Unit Kolbus FE
Pressing Stations with Heated Joint Forming

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