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ATS US-2000 SLM-180-STA

Manufacturer ATS Type US -2000 SIB - BN3
Year 2009 Ref-Nr. 19012
Serial-No. BTA734 V5A 96330 Available Immediatley - On Stock

ATS US-2000 SLM-180-STA

Year 2011 - Serial-No. BTA 734 V5A96330

Performance                        up to 24 bandings per minute

Band width                          20, 30, 50 mm

Voltage                                  230 V, 13 A

Electrical power                   depending on model

Weight                                    depending on model

Dimension                              depending on model

Arch sizes (WxH)                    360 x 260 mm (others upon request)

Can be connected directly to saddle stitchers or adhesive binders

Can be directly connected to a saddlestitcher or adhesive binder with a stacker and transfers the product stack (1- to 3 benefit) at full speed capacity.

You receive a perfectly aligned product stack thanks to the alignment on all sides of the stack and the soft or hard stack compression before banding. 

By banding with adjustable tension your printed products are bundled without any damage to the edges.




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