Cutting Line Autotrimm PACE Polar 137XT-AT

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Buying this used machine instead of new machine - will save you CO₂ equivalent to driving several thousand kilometers in a petrol car!
planet in der Hand
Nothing of value should be lost

Every day millions of used machines are given a second life through F1-TRADE-GmbH. And every purchase you make of our supply is not only good for your wallet, but also for the environment. Because by buying second-hand machines instead of new, you contribute to the reduction of CO₂ emissions.
Together with the hundreds of other buyers you can make a world of difference.

Schneidlinie Autotrimm PACE bestehend aus
Stapellift Polar LW 1000-4
Rüttelautomat und Entladung zur Hintertischbeschickung Polar RAH-4
Stapelregal Polar STR-1000-4
Ablader Polar TR 1EL 145-4

Cutting Line Autotrimm Polar 137XT-AT PACE consits of:
Stack Lift Polar LW 1000-4
Automatic Jogger air-removing roller Polar RAH-4
Piling-board shelf Polar STR-1000-4
Unloader Polar TR 1EL 145-4

Schneidlinie Autotrimm PACE / Cutting Line Autotrimm Polar 137XT-AT PACE
Schneidlinie Lift Rüttler Ablader / Cutting Line Lift Jogger Unloader

Year 2004 - Serial-No. 7441238
Schnittbreite / Cutting width max. 1370mm
Programm - Duisplay / Program - Display
Lufttisch - Chromtisch / Light guard - chrome table
große-Luft-Seitentische / large airbed side tables
Lichtschranke / Light guards
Ersatzmesser / Spare knives
CE-Zeichen-Zulassung / CE Certificate
Elektr. Anschluss / Power supply 3 Phase 380V - 10A

Stapellift / Stack Lift Polar LW 1000-4
Baujahr / Year 2004 - Serial-No. 7493313
Palettengröße / Pallet size max. 800 x 1.200mm
Wannengröße / Size of platform 840 x 1.270mm
Hub / Stroke max. 850mm
Tragkraft / Carrying capacity max. 1.000kg

Rüttelautomat Luftausstreichwalze / Automatic Jogger air-removing roller Polar RAH-4
Entladung zur Hintertischbeschickung / unloading for rear-table feeding
Baujahr / Year 2004 - Serial-No. 7484103
Tischgröße / Size of table 900 x 1.150mm
Ausschiebeformat / Pusher size max.max. 750 x 1.140mm
Lagenhöhe / Height of ream min. 30mm - max. 140mm

Stapelregal / Piling-board shelf Polar STR-1000-4
Baujahr / Year 2006 - Serial-No. 7475003
Format min. 420 × 570mm - max. 750 × 1.140mm
Größe Regalboden / Size of shelf board 900 × 1.170mm
Lagenhöhe / Height of ream min. 30mm - max. 140mm
Tragkraft / Carrying capacity max. 600kg
Anzahl Pufferplätze / Number of buffer spaces 5

Ablader / Unloader Polar TR 130ER-4-
Einsatzbereich / Application for Size min. 400 x 400mm - max. 780 x 1.120mm
Nutzengröße / Label size min. 105 - 148mm
Lagenhöhe / Height of ream min. 40mm - max. 165mm
Stapelhöhe / Pile height max 1.300mm
Tragkraft / Carrying capacity max. 200kg

Späneförderband / Waste Conveyor Busch

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