DIE Cutter TMZ EW 106

Type:EW 106
Location:On Stock Emskirchen / Nürnberg
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Buying this used machine instead of new machine - will save you CO₂ equivalent to driving several thousand kilometers in a petrol car!
planet in der Hand
Nothing of value should be lost

Every day millions of used machines are given a second life through F1-TRADE-GmbH. And every purchase you make of our supply is not only good for your wallet, but also for the environment. Because by buying second-hand machines instead of new, you contribute to the reduction of CO₂ emissions.
Together with the hundreds of other buyers you can make a world of difference.

Automatic feed system for working with carton board, micro and corrugated.
Equipped with an in-line feeding and delivery system using pallets.
Double action stripping station, likewise it is provided with gripper margin removal.
Quick and easy adjustment.

The TMZ EW 106 is a flatbed die cutting machine used for cutting, punching, embossing, and creasing paper, cardboard, and other materials.
With its high precision and productivity, the TMZ EW 106 is a popular choice for producing packaging, labels, displays, and other printed products.
The machine is equipped with an automatic feeding system that improves material flow and production efficiency.
Additionally, it offers a wide range of configurations and options to meet the individual requirements of customers.

Flachbettstanzmaschine / Automatic DIE Cutter TMZ EW-106

Baujahr/ Year 1995 - Serial-No. 2643
Format min. 450 x 450mm
Format max. 760 x 1060mm
Dicke min. 200g/m²
Dicke max. 2.000g/m²
Dicke max.6mm
Geschwindigkeit pro Stunde max. 6.000g/h
Stanzkraft max. pressure 300Tm
Länge ungefähr 4600mm
Breite ungefähr 2300mm
Höhe ungefähr 2080mm
Gewicht 13.500KGS

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