Graphic Machinery

Laminator GMP Eurolam IDH 540III

Lifting Hot Stamping machine Gierlich PE 500 - 2P

Automatic Foil sealing machine Kallfass Universa 400 NT - Universal 450 N

Folder Gluer Lamina GL 1800m

F1-TRADE Graphic Machinery

Our business is the national and international trade with used graphic machines and equipment.
The national and international trade in used printing and finishing equipment from reowned manufacturer is our service.

A serious and uncomplicated sets us apart. Young machines of the latest generation, which may represent an interesting alternative to a new investment, as well as older models, which are correspondingly cheaper.

We are locaded in Emskirchen - Nürnberg Germany.

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If you're on the look out for a used printing machine or used finishing equipment then enter into this section and automatically we’ll send you every machine that matching your profiling.

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Sell a machinery?

F1-Trade GmbH, beyond its machines, is also specialized to sell the graphic equipment of their customers thanks to very strong request from international market, too.

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